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Annenberg Media

Private Universe Project in Mathematics

Research shows that children often invent complex mathematical concepts, even at young ages. This workshop explores how math teaching can be structured to encourage those inventions, turn students on to math, and improve achievement.

Teaching Math

A Video Library, 9-12, teachers reveal their strategies for improving their students' understanding of mathematical concepts.

See how high school teachers use the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and group learning to reach a broad range of students. In this library, teachers demonstrate the fine art of guiding students through reasoning and problem solving. Students comment on the new way of learning, often expressing frustration as well as the sense of accomplishment they feel when working through problems with peers.

Teaching Math, Grades 9-12

This course provides an overview and exploration of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics process standards for grades 9-12.

Mathematics Illuminated

Mathematics Illuminated is an integrated-media resource (coordinated videos, online texts, web interactive activities, and group activities) created for adult learners and high school teachers. The series covers the broad scope of human knowledge through the study of math and its relevance in the world today. It reaches beyond formulas and computations to explore the math of patterns, symmetry, relationships, multiple dimensions, and more, all the while uncovering the secrets and hidden delights of the ever-evolving world of mathematics.

The information and activities will help all learners solidify unfamiliar and/or complex concepts by delving into the "why" and not just the "how" of approaching mathematical questions. Mathematics Illuminated explores many of the great historical figures in mathematics and the problems they confronted; it also introduces you to some of the fascinating people who are embracing and studying today's emerging questions. Mathematics Illuminated provides an overview of how the content of the course connects and supports national standards in math. Using these materials, teachers can simultaneously build content knowledge and explore and engage with new mathematical applications.

APEC HR Development Working Group on Math Ed

International comparison studies have found significantly different levels of achievement and practice in mathematics education in the East and West.
  • Asian educational systems generally produce students with a strong grasp of the content knowledge, with higher scores on the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).
  • Western systems have strengths in applying knowledge to real life situations. Many Western economies are among the most scientifically innovative in terms of such indicators as new scientific patents.
The pressing issue is how to combine the best of both systems.

Instruction: strategies to help teachers emphasizing Singapore Math the Japanese professional development process called Lesson Study.

Classroom Innovations through Lesson Study, provides videos of research lessons highlighting this process with segment by segment analysis.

Videos of Lesson Study Research Lessons:
Multiplication (Grade 3, Japan)
Thinking Systematically (Grade 6, Japan)
Area of the Circle (Grade 5, Japan)
Whole Number Categorization (Grade 5, Japan)
Multiply and Divide Fractions (Grade 6, Japan)
Decimal Numbers (Grade 5, Japan)
Quadrilaterals (Singapore)
Sides of Squares and the symbol ‘√’ (Grade 7, U.S.A.)
Interpreting the graph of the derivative of a function (Grade 11, U.S.A.)
Does the area of the quadrilateral change? (Grade 6, U.S.A.)
How many cards do we need to display the dates? (Grade 3, U.S.A.)

List of the available research lesson videos.

Standards: sample standards (in English) from 9 APEC economies with comparative analyses.

Assessment PD

Differentiated Instruction PD

Geometer's Sketchpad


Pairing Podcasts & Journal Articles

  • Several sessions from NCTM’s 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., have been turned into podcasts and paired with an article from one of NCTM’s school journals. These podcasts are now available for download to your computer or MP3 player. YTA & YEU members can ask me to purchase them a copy of the article of their choice by sending me a quick note @

E-Seminars Schedule and Desciptions (Live Events)

E-Seminars ANYTIME

  • With the purchase of an E-Seminar ANYTIME, you will receive a recording of the E-Seminar, as well as, a site facilitator guide.
  • Get a closer look at hot topics in math education with these onetime 60-minute online seminars presented by experienced math educators. more >>
  • E-Seminar ANYTIME topics
  • Here is an example:
    • Effective Mathematics Instruction: The Role of Mathematical Tasks (K-12) with Margaret S. Smith, University of Pittsburg, Pittsburgh, PA
      This seminar will focus on the relationship between the nature of the mathematical tasks in which students engage and what students ultimately learn about what mathematics is and how one does it. Specifically, the seminar will focus on the cognitive demands of mathematical tasks, how these demands can change during instruction, and why maintaining the high level demands of tasks is critical to student learning. Participants will have opportunity to engage in an analysis of two tasks, to analyze several short vignettes of classroom instruction, and to consider research that makes salient the impact of tasks on learning.

Live E-Workshops Schedule & Description (Live Events)

  • Most E-Workshops include a follow-up session to reflect and discuss the impact of the activities on student learning and to explore some additional activities. Get more information on how E-Workshops work.
  • Live E-Workshop Schedule

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Dan Meyer on Math Class Needs A Makeover

Texas Instruments

Getting Started With TI-Nspire

(Free Online Course)

Algebra Using The TI-83 Plus

(Free Online Course)

Other free TI-Online courses can be found @

Free archived webinars can be found @

Workshops Delivered by Ms. Paula Thompson

Once enough people have expressed an interest in any one of these workshops, I will make it happen!

Workshops That Utilize Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks Resources

Workshops That Utilize Popular Television Programs

NUMB3RS 4CTIVITI3S (Numbers Activities)
Texas Instruments partnered with CBS, in association with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), to develop educational resources based on the hit series NUMB3RS. In this 1.5-3 hour workshop, participants will watch an episode of NUMB3RS. Classroom activities based on the mathematics from the episode will be completed. Register here for the next workshop.

University of Waterloo

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Yukon Education

New Curriculum Implementation @