Elementary & Middle School Mathematics Teaching Developmentally K-8 Book Study

John A. Van de Walle wrote this book. The sessions will highlight different ideas for teaching mathematics through a developmental problem-solving model. Participants will be encouraged to implement the ideas and share their experiences, thus deepening their understanding of mathematics.

The book study framework comprises of seven 1.5 hour sessions that should be about three or four weeks apart to allow for the completion of reading assignments and to allow for the approaches and activities to be tried in the classroom. Sessions can be scheduled after school, during half-days, or as a combination of after-school and half-day sessions. Videoconferencing is an option.

Session 1 Focus - Chapter 2, Exploring What It Means to Do Mathematics
Session 2 Focus - Chapter 3, Developing Understanding in Mathematics
Session 3 Focus - Chapter 4, Teaching Through Problem Solving
Session 4 Focus - Chapter 17, Geometric Thinking and Geometric Concepts
Session 5 Focus - Chapter 10, Strategies For Whole Number Computation
Session 6 Focus - Chapter 19, Algebraic Reasoning
Session 7 Focus - Book Study Wrap-Up

Each participant will be given a copy of the book Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Teaching Developmentally.