external image AC086426l.jpgEmpower your students with all kinds of strategies, mental math techniques, tricks, tips and more with the help of this workshop and the book All Hands On Deck from the Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks series. The math games that will be presented use cards and dice and focus on all of the
operations, place value, decimals, positive and negative integers, and graphing. Specific math skills, number of players, rules, instructions, and variations to increase or
decrease difficulty are included. In this 1-hour, full day, or “playing alongside”, observing, or having them demonstrate the game. This first hand assessment leads to further instruction.

The math games are multi-sensory and accommodate all learning styles. The cards and dice are tactile and are used as true math manipulatives. Cards and dice are extremely visual with predictable patterns. Students constantly “talk the math” as they play and/or re-teach, making games auditory, and socially interactive in nature. For some students, the physical component of active learning is key to transferring their knowledge to other related experiences (i.e. real-life situations.

If math is a game, then respect and challenge its power and potential as a teaching strategy for effective learning! In this 1-hour, full day, or anything in between, workshop, we will roll the dice, deal the cards and get playing. Everybody wins!