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AMSER is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in colleges but free for anyone to use.
Mathematics resources from AMSER are at http://amser.org/index.php?P=BrowseResources&ParentId=972655.

Carnegie Learning Webinars

If you are interested in learning new teaching strategies, trends or hearing from experts in the math field please join Carnegie Learning for one of their archived webinars. Their webinar series are all free and are designed to connect educators and administrators to experts in the field of mathematics to learn how we can better engage students in learning math.

Curriculum Services Canada (CSC)

CSC is the Pan-Canadian standards agency for quality assurance in learning products and programs. They are an incorporated, not-for-profit organization that provides services including the development, implementation, evaluation, and accreditation of teaching and learning resources, and the delivery of professional learning opportunities online, using multimedia and social networking.
Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat Webcasts French

Internet Mathematics Search

is a search engine for mathematics documentation:

Learning and Teaching Support Network

has educational resources that support and enrich learning and teaching mathematics:

Math Central

provides an Internet resource for both math teachers and students with a resource room, teacher talk, enrichment activities, math quandaries and queries and a bulletin board.

Math Forum

provides resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services to enrich and support teaching.

Math Solutions

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PD (General - Not Specific to Math)



Educational Research Newsletter Webinars

Government of Yukon

  • Atomic Learning
  • Staff Development Quarterly The Staff Development Branch researches, designs, and delivers general course offerings for Government of Yukon (YG) departments, work units and employees. To apply for a course, all employees must complete a Training Request Form. Once completed with your supervisor's approval, the form must be forwarded to your Human Resources Branch. The Staff Development Quarterly is organized into seven thematic areas, where the government and its employees share responsibility for development:
    • assisting YG to articulate its culture
    • understanding YG systems and practices
    • developing leadership capabilities
    • developing required skills and knowledge
    • benefiting from technology
    • providing a healthy and safe workplace
    • working with people

Parents as Partners

Professional Learning Communities

Wikispaces Webinars

Miscellaneous Items

Understanding Geometric Figures Through Drawing and Paper Folding

What are some ways that students can learn about the properties of 2D shapes? What are some effective strategies for teaching the properties of 2D shapes?

During this webcast, Dr. Akihiko Takahashi with a group of Ontario mathematics educators, a grade 4/5 classroom teacher and grades 4 and 5 students are engaged in learning about the properties of 2D shapes through paper folding and the use of different materials, such as compasses, protractors and set squares. The teaching strategies presented for study by Dr. Takahashi, were developed, implemented and refined through a process of lesson study by classroom teachers.


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